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About Randy Stevens

WHAT I DO ➤ My name is Randy Stevens and I specialize in real estate sales in San Antonio, Austin and surrounding areas. I don't just sell homes, I sell places where new memories can be made or a fresh new start can begin.

EXPECTATION ➤ I expect to find an amazing home as quickly as possible and/or I expect to sell your home quicker than the market average. You can be assured that I always have my clients best interest at heart. You should only be focused on the move and I will take care of the rest.

A LITTLE ABOUT ME ➤ In my experience it has always been better to do business with someone you know. Getting to know people more helps build trust and even find common interest. Here are some of my interests:

I love sports. I love playing basketball on the weekends, watching the Cowboys on Sundays and watching every UFC event I can. Sports has been something that has always brought my family close so I've grown a passion for it over the years.

I really appreciate seeing others accomplish their goals and be successful. Ever since I started down the path of entrepreneurship I have gained a great appreciation for the struggle that they go through. This has given me the greatest desire to see everyone succeed.

I enjoy coaching my son in basketball. This was something that I never experienced with my father with him being in the military and always deployed, I take every advantage that I have to be able to do that!

MY GOAL ➤ To help my clients fulfill their real estate goals whether that's purchasing their first home, dream home, vacation home or selling their existing home.

MY ADVICE ➤ 90% of millionaires have created their wealth through real estate, so don't just purchase a home to live in but slowly start purchasing more real estate as an investment.

READY TO TALK ➤ Connect with me here, visit my website www.realestaterandytx.com, or call/text me

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